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Community involvement in the manner in which police services are provided is the key to any quality Community Oriented Policing program. The prompt, informative and responsible reporting of criminal incidents, suspicious persons and vehicles to University Police by community members is essential to an effective and efficient response to these incidents.

While we urge community stakeholders to contact us, we also realize and recognize an individual's need to remain anonymous sometimes and apart from the law enforcement process.

Please feel free to forward your information to us, knowing that it will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Unless citizens report crimes promptly, and participate and support crime prevention efforts, the criminal justice system will operate under a severe handicap. If crimes are never reported, little can be done to help stop other community members from becoming victims.

The University community can be much safer with your help! The likelihood of arresting an offender decreases with each passing day that a crime goes unreported.


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