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Registration is taken on a "first come, first served" basis.  Class size is limited.  Employees registering for the entire Supervisor/Employee Development Program (SDP) will be given preference over those registering for a single class.

If you do not wish to register online, contact the Human Resources Department, at 740-4532, to register and provide the same information requested below. 


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Check here to sign up for the ENTIRE training program.  Certificates will only be issued for those completing any 15 of the 18 training courses being offered.  If you wish to sign up for specific courses, please do so below.  Certificates will NOT be issued for individual course completion.

  Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harassment - Offers an opportunity to increase your awareness of discriminatory practices and how to recognize and prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Thursday January 23, 2014         
  Effective Communication and Motivation - Participants will learn techniques to improve their communication skills and successfully motivate others.  Tuesday February 4, 2014

 Supervision/Management/Leadership  - This will be a discussion about the characteristics and traits that allow us to become successful supervisors, managers and leaders. Thursday February 13, 2014

  Time Management - This session is designed to help attendees better understand the importance of managing their time and learn effective methods of time management. Tuesday February 25, 2014
 Workplace Violence - In this session we will concentrate on identifying ways to recognize, handle and prevent violence in the workplace.Thursday March 6, 2014
 Stress Management - Learn how to maximize positive stress, minimize negative stress and handle stressful situations.  Tuesday March 18, 2014

 Anger Management - This is an opportunity to increase your understanding of how anger can affect job performance and how to improve your ability to control emotionally charged situations. Thursday March 27, 2014

Change Management - Participants will come away with a better understanding of what is required to successfully handle and manage change. Tuesday April 8, 2014            
 Conflict Management - This informative workshop examines a variety of techniques that can be used to handle workplace conflicts. Thursday April 17, 2014                      

Special Accommodations*:

*We support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  If you need assistance or special accommodations to attend class, please let the Human Resources Department know by completing this section.

NOTE:  Confirmation of registration will follow within 48 hours of your submission.  If you have not received a notice of confirmation within this period, call Human Resources at 740-4532.


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