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Faculty/Staff/Student Worker Setup/Transfer Form

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All new Faculty/Staff members must activate their NetID ( account) PRIOR to obtaining a TAMUG domain and email account.

DO NOT submit this form until the new hire has activated their NetID. They can do so ONE day after receiving their UIN from HR and can go to to claim and activate their TAMU NetID. Their TAMUG account will be made to mirror their NetID logon name.

Information collected is used to setup employee domain accounts, and to add/update employees' contact information in the "TAMUG On-Line Phone Directory," located on TAMUG's public website.

An IS Technician will need to visit all new employees to setup their computer account on their assigned PC and give them their login and show them how to access their domain account.

Info that appears in the TAMU Directory is pulled from HR/Payroll information. Both directories can be easily accessed from

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The following information is required for a TAMUG Domain/Email account setup:

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Be sure to list your name EXACTLY as it is in BPP, no nicknames.

Start Date: MM/DD/YYYY

UIN #:  (No SSNs - Must have a UIN prior to a TAMUG Domain/Email account being setup)

TAMU NetID:  (Must have a NetID prior to a TAMUG Domain/Email account being setup)

Job Title:

Supervisor:  Building #:  Room #:

Assigned Phone #:    Dept. Fax #: 

Need a new phone number and handset? Yes  No
If YES, then please provide Department Account Number for a new phone handset:  Account Number:    Support Number:

TAMUG Information Services will need to reach out to provide the new employee their new TAMUG domain username and password,
including access to their new TAMUG email address should one be requested/needed. Please provide their personal contact info below.

Employee's Personal Email Address:         Employee's Personal Phone Number:

All TAMUG Faculty/Staff will be setup with an Email Account and Access to Department Share Folder.

Please let us know if your new employee will need access to the following additional services:

Select each item requested:

1. Will the employee add or remove holds or register students?   Yes    No

If Yes, please provide justification for access. Provide job responsibilities in relation to student interactions and student data
(why does the new hire need Compass, what type of data do they need to see, etc.). One or two sentences is sufficient.

Is there a colleague in the department who has similar job duties whose account this one should and mimic (have identical access like)?
Please list that users name:   


2. Will the employee have a computer for just their use?      Yes    No  

Is it a New Computer?       Yes   No       

Please list any special software which needs to be installed:

3.  Will the new employee need to be added to the Account Managers email list? Please check box to have them added

4. Does the employee need access to any Specific Software or System that is used primarily by your department, that is not listed above?

If so, please list the name of the software or system below?

5.  Will the new employee need access to CMS?  Will they be editing your deptartmental websites?     Yes    No  

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