TAMU Galveston

Credit By Exam Application

  • Due at least one week prior to your test date in person or by fax, mail, or email.

  • Attempting an exam is $50 and automatically added to your semester fee statement.

  • Eligibility must be determined before a student is allowed to be scheduled for an exam.

  • Testing is held in Building 3030, Seibel Student Services Testing Center, Suite 104.

  • Scratch paper will be provided as well as writing utensils.

  • Bring a current photo ID (e.g., Student ID, driver's license, passport).

  • Bring a non-programmable calculator for the science exams.

  • Scores will be available within one week of the testing date.

Full Name:
Academic Major: (Select One)
Cell Phone:
Email Address:

Chemistry 101 / 111 (2 Hours)   Political Science 206 (1.5 Hours) *
Chemistry 102 / 112 (2 Hours) Political Science 207 (1.5 Hours) *
Physics 201 (2 Hours)   Spanish (1.5 Hours)
Physics 202 (2 Hours)   French (2 Hours)
Physics 208 (2 Hours)   German (2 Hours)
Physics 218 (2 Hours)   Japanese (2 Hours)
*Note: Only Political Science exams may be taken twice

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